A Bathroom Made With You in Mind

A Bathroom Made With You in Mind

Schedule an ADA-compliant bathroom installation in Corpus Christi, TX

Dealing with a bathroom that doesn't cater to your needs? Walter And Sons Construction & Remodeling Services can help. We install ADA-compliant bathrooms in Corpus Christi, TX. Our ADA-compliant remodeling services follow ADA guidelines and high-quality products so you can live comfortably in your own home.

Need to make your bathroom more accessible? Contact our team at 361-500-1939 today to learn more.

Give your bathroom an accessible makeover

Having an accessible home is important. We do ADA-complaint remodeling to give you a bathroom that's safe and that you can comfortably move around in. ADA-compliant bathrooms often include:

  • Entry doors - wide enough to allow for a wheelchair
  • Toilets - at a distance from the wall and at least 17 inches high
  • Grab bars - included beside the toilet and in the shower
  • Sinks - with clearance space for a wheelchair
  • Faucets - that use handles instead of knobs for easier turning

There are many ways to make your ADA-compliant bathroom perfect for you. Let Walter And Sons Construction & Remodeling Services get the job done right.